Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer KCW 2015 - First Day Top

This pattern and the Geranium Dress pattern (seen here) I think are two of my favorite purchased patterns. This is the top variation of the First Day Dress/Top by Dana Willard of Made. I used this pattern for Hannah's Easter dress, shown here, this past spring.
I love how simple this pattern is and how quickly it comes together. I've always had great experience using Dana's patterns and tutorials. She does a great job keeping things easy to follow. If you've ever read her blog you already know she has a very "neighbor next door" way about her, un-intimidating and light hearted. I think this is also reflected in her patterns. It's like sewing with a friend.
If you are very careful on how you sew the arm hole & hem line closed, this top (and the dress version) could be completely reversible. You'd need to install a button on both sides. And you probably wouldn't want to use one as large as I did. I just can't resist an opportunity for a big button and a pop of color.
I had these fabrics forever and couldn't tell you where I purchased them or who designed them. I've been waiting for the right project to use the bright pinkish red and I think I did. This top really showcases how pretty this fabric is. I only wish I had more. 
Hannah really like to this top but given the choice she will pick the dress every time. What can I say, she's a girly girl.

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