Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy little Quail

Since the beginning of the year I have been sewing up a storm. This post is a gallery of most of my creations over the past few months. I decided to skip all the diaper covers, leggings and bags I have made. I figured those are pretty unexciting.

You will have to forgive some of my photography. Hannah moves fast and doesn't like to cooperate, so some of it the lighting may not be the best or perfectly in focus. Settle in, this is a marathon post.

This first one is a boy's 2T button down shirt I stole from my son Samuel's closet that I converted to a summery blouse for Hannah.

I didn't use a pattern on this one. I started by removing the pocket, collar & sleeves. Then I took a 24 month shirt that Hannah already had in her closet and made a pattern. It had an a-line shape to it so I ended up trimming the shirt a little down the side seams to resemble the same shape. I took fabric leftover from the original sleeves for the little cap sleeves. I made a wide hem all the way around the neck. Pulled the elastic through closed the hem opening and wha-la done!

I have a couple more of these in the works that will be a bit different. I may post these tutorial style.


The next one I used Buttrick pattern 5629 is from a pattern. I really like the ric-rac trim detail on the top and the pant legs. 

The sizing must be off on the pattern. I ended up scrapping the pants from the pattern. The waist was too short and with the diaper her pants wouldn't stay up. The pants shown here I made a pattern using pants that fits her well. I thought the top was a too short also so I added the white band. I think I actually like it better I think it shows off the detail. 

Seems like Hannah enjoys this one.


This is Prudent Baby's Snappy Toddler Top. They have a free pattern and tutorial that was easy to follow.  I have also figured out how to enlarge the pattern so I see using this one over and over again. 

I must point out, up to this point I had spent all of $7. The shirt from Sammy's closet = Free. The teal gingham fabric was a remnants = $2, Ric-Rac = $1 & pattern $2. 8 pack of Snaps I found on clearance = $2 (& I only used 2) & the fabric I had in my stash from over a decade ago so we will call that free. Considering you can barely get one article of clothing off the clearance rack for $7 and I've got 3 shirts & a pair of pants, this is shaping up to budget friendly craft. 


The Nunny Dress (Hannah calls bunnies nunnies.) This is another store bought pattern; New Look 6018. This is a pretty nice pattern to buy. It includes patterns for leggings & a long sleeve t-shirt too. The fabric is a baby corduroy I found in remnants bin for a couple bucks. I made this one size larger then she is now in hopes that it will be perfect this fall and through most of next winter.
This pattern also include different dress embellishments options. I like the simple look of the pockets on the camel color baby corduroy.  The bunny appliques came from a left over clearance crib bed skirt from pottery barn that I bought to make the valance in her bedroom. I couldn't resist adding them since Hannah loves bunnies. She gets so excited when I pull this one out for her to wear. 


This one is McCall pattern 5416. This pattern was recommended by another blogger as her new favorite pattern so I had to try it when I found the pattern on sale for $1. Its easy to follow and the shirt is pretty cute but I wouldn't go as far as saying its my favorite. It doesn't have much for the lining so I will have to see if it starts creeping out the armholes and neckline after some wear. I didn't have enough fabric to make the matching short since this was another remnants fabric find for 50 cents. I love remnants! The pockets on this are so cute.

This was the face I got on the last photo I took. "All Done" was her final word on the matter.


(Ooops, I just realized how wrinkled this dress was when I took the picture. Sorry about that!) 
The Geranium pattern from Made by Rae. This is an awesome pattern! So worth the investment. The pink dress is one of two that I have made. The pattern has different style options for the sleeve, neckline & can be a dress or tunic. I'd have to say this is my current favorite.
I love love these little pink flower buttons down the back! The ruffle sleeves are finished with a zigzag stitch so they have a bit of a rough edge. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about that but I think I really like it. 

Such a pretty baby.


The Geranium 2. This is also the pattern from Rae Hoekstra of Made by Rae. Did I say how great this pattern is. I could help but do another version right after the last one. This time I used the faux cap sleeve,  the cutout neckline and the patch pockets. I just realized I must have thing for pockets cause this this the third outfit I've made with patch pockets.
I shorted the skirt on this one so it is some where between the dress and the tunic. I thought the dress was a little long on Hannah for everyday play wear.
These red buttons really pop. I don't think the picture does them justice. The fabric again was another very cheap remnants find. Not sure it was the best choice for a play dress since it wrinkles so easily. I made matching red leggings which you can kind of see below. Those were made from an old red t-shirt of mine using the pattern from the New Look 6018 pattern that I used for the nunny dress above.

Hannah was not interested in photo's for this one. It is a shame too cause it is so cute on. These were the best shots I was able to get.


This is a dress version of the snappy toddler top by Prudent Baby. I made this one size larger than Hannah is now since her current dress wardrobe is busting at the seams. It looks pretty cute with a white long sleeve shirt underneath so it should work great this winter.  
I love this fabric which is also a remnants. It is a pretty heavy woven cotton. And two more snaps from the $2 clearance pack. I made black leggings to match which are really big right now which you can see below.  I highly recommend the snappy top pattern and tutorial. So far both of my projects have come together quickly and look great.

Well that is it for my completed projects. I have a few currently in process; a pair of shorts, carpi's, jeggings & a tunic. Those will be posted over the next week or two.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my sewing for my cutie pie!

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