Monday, April 8, 2013

And so it begins.....

....well sort of.  I have been racking my brain all day what I wanted the first comments about this new chapter of my life to be. This must be what it feels like to be a writer and be trapped on the first sentence of a book. The big difference, I really have no idea how this story is going to play out or have any control of the details of the story. So i'll just get to it and keep it simple. 

Hi I'm Darla Quail. I am a stay at home mom, married to a wonderful & supportive man named John. We have two little Quails, Samuel who is 3 & Hannah who just turned 18 months. We live in a small town in central Ohio.  I grew up in a home where DYI & creative frugality were the norm. Through my adult years I have dabbled in many different crafts, cooking & home decorating & DIY projects. However in the more recent years I have strayed from my creative side. I miss it.  A few months back I stumbled upon this mecca of creativity, PINTEREST! It was like the heavens opened & the angels began to sing. It brought back all the excitement I would get going through the creative process, learning something fun & new and getting my hands dirty. I had no idea that internet world had so much to offer creatively. I actually started making (or at least trying to) all the projects & recipes I have been pining.  This my friends is where this blog comes in.....  

Through this blog I am going to record the journey back into the world of creativity. The creative goals:

Sewing: I was taught to sew by my Mom when I was in elementary and have dabbled ever sense. Mainly on home decor, window treatments, pillows, seat cushions, etc. Recently I have been sewing clothing for the kids and LOVE IT! So you will probably be seeing a lot of that. I have some ambitious plans for my sewing but that is for a future post.
Cooking:  At one time I was a pretty decent cook I even made a few recipes of my own and then I had kids (I am sure a lot of you Mom's know where I am going with this.) So this blog will hopefully re-excite the chief in me. I know my husband hopes so. I am going to take a family/kids friendly approach to cooking. Don't come here looking for braised lamb shank & fennel salad.
Kids Crafts: I studied early childhood education in school.  Samuel loves to color and gets to decorate the occasional sugar cookie but I have a box collecting dust in the basement with a whole arsenal of kids crafts that have been left untouched. My babies aren't getting any younger & I want them to have fun childhood memories and maybe even learn some skills they can enjoy their whole life. 

I am sure you will see a lot of different crafts that I pull out from my past. Like mosaic tiling, stained/leaded glass (yes the real stuff), embroidery, candle making, scrap booking and card making. I can't imagine I will ever try knitting or crocheting again. You should see the damage I can do with yarn.

I am also hoping to learn some new things to share too. My awesome husband got me a fab camera for Christmas & I hope to learn a little photography. I am also intrigued by felting. Seen it done and wow that looks awesome.  

I am hoping to post weekly probably over weekends or by Monday mornings. Well that is enough for now. I hope the next time I will have something interesting to share with lots of pictures.