These are recipes that are original creations by me, by friends or have been handed down in the family. I would love to have you try them and give your feed back. 

Many of these recipe include wheat and dairy free substitutions. These can be identified with the following indicators:

W/F Wheat free - This is not necessarily gluten free.
G/F = Gluten Free
D/F Dairy Free - No cows milk or cows milk by products.
C/F = Casein Free

At the bottom there is also a list with links to other peoples recipes that my family loves too. Some of these I will re-post with minor (or even major) alterations to accommodate our gluten and dairy free lifestyle.  


Oatmeal Banana Pancakes (G/F & C/F)

Grandma's Goetta (G/F & C/F)

Quail's Zucchini Bread

Lentil Soup (G/F & C/F)
   Empress Chili (G/F & C/F)