Friday, May 2, 2014

Little Quail three is almost here and I am so behind

We made it! Today is the day little Quail number 3 will be delivered. I have been scheduled for induction for tonight at 8pm (odd time of day, I know) so I guess he most likely won't make his appearance till the wee hours of tomorrow technically. It is surreal to think this time tomorrow I will be holding him in my arms. It has been a long month and a roller coaster of a pregnancy but we made it.

This pregnancy as well as a bunch of other family stuff has really put a cramp in my blogging and slowed down my sewing but I have still managed to be pretty productive. My last post I was able to show you what I produced for the winter Kids Clothing Week. Since then I completed several baby sewing project, participated in the spring Kids Clothing Week, drafted a new pattern for a bible cover and created a new recipe. Were I am lacking is in my communication. I am hoping in the few weeks I can do a week long series of posting that I can share all those things with you.

The next time you hear from me it will be to share baby news and pictures.

Thanks for stopping by the nest!