Friday, April 12, 2013

One of the best gifts ever!!..... I think

My birthday is coming up and the UPS man delivered my husbands gift to me.  It was obvious from the box what it was so I did a little happy dance.  A serger!  

Needless to say I was a little gitty the rest of the day. I kinda knew I was getting this but you are never really sure till you have it. The serger means a little more than just an awesome piece of equipment to help me in my sewing endeavors. It means I have my husbands support in what I am hoping to accomplish. John was a little disappointed that I had seen it early and I am sure he was a little sad that he missed me seeing it for the first time. I did really well for the first few days waiting till he was ready to officially give it to me however as I was working on sewing projects I keep thinking "boy the serger would be great here" or "I will wait till I have the serger till I complete this part." So I finally caved and asked if I could crack it open and of course my generous husband permitted it. I was totally excited and had no idea what I was getting in to. 

Like a good appliance owner I tend to read all the instructions manuals before I use things. The manual is not thick so I though this was going to be a piece of cake.  OH MY GOLLY, this machine has so many gizmos I was instantly overwhelmed.  

Not one to let me fear get the best of me, I got started.  It came with four small spools already pre-threaded so I was able to get started. I had pieces for a diaper cover already cut out for this pattern & tutorial by MADE by Dana (I love MADE) which was a perfect start. The seams came together flawlessly. 

I also had a bunch of new fabric to prep for washing. Another good way to practice by serging all of the raw edges.  

I was so excited to see how wonderful things were going and with several different types of fabrics, from sheers to baby corduroy. And then one of the spools ran out of thread. The lower looper one. Soon it became abundantly clear to me that when things were going well it was not due to any skill I have.  Thank you to the factory worker who had originally threaded this thing & got it working perfectly. If it weren't for you I would have had a horrible first impression and wanted to return it. So I pulled out the the manual and tried to follow it's procedure to thread this thing. I must have tried a dozen different things and rethreaded a 100 time and still not working right. PINEREST to the rescue. I had enough forethought to pin a couple serger how to's. This tutorial was great at pointing out the key things I kept overlooking to get this thing working right. Its clear I have a lot of practicing to do & a trip to JoAnn's to invest in some spools of serger thread. Despite a day or two of frustration this is still one of the best gifts ever. Thank you John!