Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kids Clothing Week Challange - Day 3

I am sitting here doing a mental check of how I think things are going and how I feel. So far I am really happy with everything that I have made and very excited about things I still have planned to make. I am so inspired by all the awesome things I am seeing the other KCWC people are putting together. So inspired that I have already started putting together lists for the summer KCWC. I'm a little sad that my daughter is not cooperating with the photo's. Although, she seems to like the clothes. I will get my husband to help me with the photos this weekend till then the hanger shots will do. Which brings me to my completed day 3 item....

The spring coat I have been talking about is done. I used The Keaton Coat pattern from luvinthemommyhood. I love this fabric. I helped my niece make a laptop bag a few weeks back and she picked out these fabrics. They were super cute for her bag but I just new I had to make this coat with them too. I'm glad I did. 

Don't you just love the big chunky button. I had a hard time deciding between this green button and a dark brown button. I'd love feed back, what do you think green or brown? 

I found only using the one button that the inside front was slipping down and the coat was looking a little hap-hazard to me. I added a hidden snap to the inside front of the coat and it did the trick. I also hemmed the sleeves some since they were a little long for her now but Its roomy enough I think if I let out the hem it will still work for next spring too.

I love this coat. It is exactly what I wanted for Hannah. So far I think this is my favorite of my items. Next up is a halter top for Hannah and I must make something for Samuel I am thinking pants & t-shirt. 

Till then, good night!