Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Framed Prayers & Printing Tutorial

A couple years ago my bible study completed our Marian consecration using the 33 Day's to Morning Glory by Michael Gaitley. That next Christmas I framed one the Mother Teresa quotes that the book shared and gave it to my very dear cousin who is in my study group. She loved it so much that this past month she requested I make a handful of framed prayers and quotes for her to give as gifts. 
The style above and below is the same as I had given to her that two Christmas' ago. I knew exactly how I wanted to look before I started but had the worse time finding an intricate cut frame in my zillion Cricut images. It drive me nuts that most of the frames are not standard picture sizes and when you change the size in the craftroom it loses what you liked about it in the first place. So I came up with this frame I used multiple cuts from the Ornamental Irons II cartridge and welded them together in the Craftroom, It was rather labor intensive since the Craftroom doesn't like when you over design things. I hope this is something I hope they remedied in the new Design Space software for the Cricut Explore. I have included the Craftroom file below if you are interested in using it. You will need to own the Oriental Irons II cartridge to complete the cuts.
These are 8"x10" frames and the center rectangles are 5"x7". With some finessing the scroll frame size can be changed in the Craftroom but as it is now it is set to overlap the 5"x7" cut/picture. 
I used the Snell Roundhand font for Mother Teresa's prayer. This font can be found free on the internet if you don't already have them on your computer.
Another one of the prayers she asked for was the Humility Prayer. This one was rather challenging since it is long and you really can't alter the format. The frame I found is from the Cake Basics cartridge. I'm not sure how someone would used this design on a cake??? Maybe on a sheet cake? Any way's, I digress, It works perfect for this. I find that I use this cartridge and the Holiday Cakes a lot. If you have avoided these thinking that they aren't usable for paper crafting, don't! These have the best fonts and are great for card making.
This is a 5"x7" frame. If you have any interest in making your own, the cut file is below but you will need the Cake Basics cartridge to use it.
Cricut Craftroom File (CCR)
Another challenge for this one was finding a font that is easy to read but still attractive. I end up settling on Baskerville & 5th Grade Cursive. Again, these fonts can be found free on the internet if you don't already have them on your computer.

The Humility prayer was another one of these that is printed out after the base was cut. As I mentioned I would last week, I put together a tutorial on how I do that. It's really quite easy.
I use 8.5"x11" grid paper and double sided removable tape. 
1. Cut the images. The base that will be printed on and the frame that will be layered on top of it,
2. Print the verse on the grid paper. Line up the frame around the printed verse so it appears in the center or how you would like it to look. 
3. Put pencil dots at key points around the frame like shown above.
4. Remove frame and stick two strips of removable double sided tape at the top and the bottom of the printing area.
 5. Remove the backing of the tape. Using the pencil marks and the grid lines to make sure it is level, adhere the cut that you would like to printed on.  
 6. Make sure the paper is put in the printer going the correct direction. Mine is face up head first. Then print.
 It should peel off easily and be lined up perfectly! Now glue it together and finish up your project : )
Thanks for stopping by the nest & God Bless!