Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Summer KCW 2015 - Kwik's Sew's Jumpsuit

I am so happy with this little jumpsuit! I originally posted that I purchased the Kwik's Sew's Sewing Book for Toddlers that was published in 1992 a few months ago here. Even though I knew what I was making was going to be a bit dated I didn't attempt to make any changes this time through. So what you see is the pattern as published.

Let me start by saying I think I love this book! The clothes are straight up basic but with tons of options. The directions are complete and easy to follow. The pattern pieces are just as great. I wish every pattern & pattern book I bought was this... perfect! 

It had some techniques I hadn't tried before. They weren't difficult, if anything they made things so much easier. For example the yoke and the interior button placket that's shown above. I wont bother explaining its a little too detailed, but look how nice it turned out. I did do one thing different than instructed and that was to sew down the yoke by stitching in the ditch of the shoulder and the back seams. This way the yoke will stay flat and tucked in while being worn and after washing,

I think the only thing that really could be modified on the pattern to up date it is the shoulders. This is the 18th month size and shoulders on the main body pieces could be reduced approximately 3/4". I'm good with the wide sleeve, that give him room to move easily.

I think this looks so stinking cute on! It has only one major flaw, I completely forgot to do the snap crotch. That will teach me to read the directions all the way through before getting started! The clothes provided in this book give you so many options that you have to make sure you have all your details sorted through before getting started. 
So its a little baggy (due to the dated style) but it's super comfy. And its a pain to change the diaper since Mom messed up. But he's gotten good use out of it this summer and I see myself making many more of these, with snap crotches.

If you are in the market for a good basic easy to follow pattern book I highly recommend this book.

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