Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School is in and I'm starting over... again

 Whoo Hoo! School is in session... That's horrible... I really shouldn't be celebrating that a couple of my kids are occupied elsewhere, right? I love my kids, they are my everything most days, most of the time. But now its time to start letting my little Quail's safely start venturing out into the world. It's good for them and its good for me. There is nothing wrong in celebrating this new milestone for my kids and me being a Mom in the school years.

My oldest started kindergarten this year and my second PreK today. We chose to send our kids to the Catholic school at our home parish which is full of our friends and family. So far school has been a wonderful experience for my very young kids. I know they are being loved and cared for. In the past I have not mentioned that my oldest is a little special and we have many challenges that we face and a full schedule of activities. So this summer we spent a good amount of time getting my son ready for the environment and schedule that the school year would bring. I'm happy to see that it was worth the effort. In his words "I LOVE SCHOOL!"
My kids, with the ages they are and the needs that they have, effect my ability to commit to the business of Little Quail. I have spent the summer in quiet prayerful contemplation trying to discern what is the calling of Little Quail and what will I do with this new found time. Even with all that thinking time I'm still all over the place about it. So I am taking a deep breath marveling at this new beginning, a new chapter which is a completely blank page... YIKES!

I guess while I get that all figured out I can share with you what I've been up to over the summer. In my next few posts I finally share what I did for the summer Kids Clothes Week and some other fun projects.

Thanks for stopping by the nest!