Friday, February 20, 2015

Dance Bag

This past summer my little Hannah started taking Tot Dance, It's too cute with all the little girls dressed in their pink leotards. As the weather has turned cold I have had more to lug around then just a pair of tiny dance shoe's. I felt like every time we went I we were taking up a ton of space with the coat, hat, scarf, mittens, shirt, pants, socks and outside shoes she had to strip off when we got there and no way to keep it all together. It's no surprise every week I hear some one asking if anyone noticed something they may have left behind. 
My solution to the problem a bag just for dance. It helps to keep her stuff together at class and helps to keep her shoe in one place when we are home. No more last minute searching. Hannah calls it her tutu bag. I think it is a pretty good description of this bag. I started making these bags for Halloween (see here) and had a friend request a larger non Halloween-y version be made for a Christmas gift to her Mom. I really wish I had taken pictures of that bag it was in earth tones and soft greens, so pretty. Since I did that I see all sorts of fabrics working great in this style. 
I have a bunch of these bags in a variety of colors that plan on putting together. If you are interested check back and I will have them posted to sell or send me an email if you would like to have one made custom.

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