Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Pajama's

So winter in the Midwest is definitely here. It has not been as cold here as it was last year but my oldest son and daughter have the coldest rooms in the house. Half the time I check in on my daughter at night she has her covers completely kicked off. Even though she is sleeping soundly I can't help but what to cover her up and make sure she is warm. To combat some of my concerns with how cold they could be I set out to make them the warmest P.J.s I could. 
Hannah just woke-up, isn't she just a cutie!
I had a bunch of super soft flannels in my stash that was perfect for the task. I made two set's for Hannah. One in the pink on pink houndstooth pattern and the other a red medallion on pink. I made Samuel a couple PJ pants one in robots and another in rocket ships. (Sorry, I couldn't get him to cooperate for pictures.) I used the Taylor's Pajama Pants free pattern. I found that the pattern runs very large. I think of my kiddos as average size so I'm guessing this is the style. Personally, I don't love it. I preferred fitted but comfortable not overly baggy. So I ended up do a lot of alterations. 
For Hannah's, I used the same patterns I used for the summer PJ sets I posted here but this time I made full length pants and altered the pattern more for the top by lengthening the sleeve and adding a ruffle to the bottom. I loved how the summer jammies turned out but I think I love these even more. They just scream come snuggle me. 
And I don't worry if she is warm at night when she is wearing them. Now if I could just get her to keep her socks on!

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