Monday, February 16, 2015

KCW Winter 2015 - Up-cycled Men's Shirt

This is the third and final item I completed for Kids Clothes Week. I know its winter but Hannah doesn't need anymore winter clothing so my current focus is to get a head start on warm weather clothing. 
This is little sundress is the free Popover Sundress pattern from Oliver+S. Honestly I have never been overly impressed when I have seen completed versions of this pattern (with a couple exceptions of remix versions). It's not because of how an individual has completed it but the pattern itself. I have always thought it is a bit boxy. Regardless, I still have had this pattern waiting in the wings to try myself.
The summary of how I chose this sewing project: KCW challenge: up cycle + I had the men's shirt to do over + I was running short on time = Popover Sundress.
This dress pattern is super simple and worked well for men's shirt make over. It is really basic and boxy just as suspected. This is not entirely horrible. Hannah will probably get a fair amount of playtime in this when the weather warms up.  Since I used a recycled shirt (no extra fabric) and I was short on time I used store bought double fold bias tape for the straps.
The fact that its so basic makes it a great pattern for newbies. I can see so many possibilities with this pattern. There are a good number of remixes of this dress out in blog-land. I have a few pin on my Pinterest boards. I particularly like this one and this one
Hannah thought it was really cool that she was wearing her Daddy's shirt. She liked the buttons and the bows on the shoulders but was a bit disappointed that it didn't twirl. I think the novelty of it being Daddy's shirt wins out over the lack of twirl though : )
I had hopes of doing something more than a simple sundress with a recycled shirt like a romper but time didn't allow for the pattern drafting. Maybe next time.

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