Monday, February 23, 2015

Upcycled Peasant Dress

 I have now paid homage to the Raglan Sleeve Night Dress pattern from iKat bag 7 times. If you couldn't tell it's my current favorite. I am trying to squeeze every ounce out of this pattern before Hannah out grows the largest size (5). 
My number one reason for liking this pattern so much is that it is so easy and with very little modification it's versatile. I can whip one of these out in a half hour if I am making no changes. That's less time then it takes me to go to the store. 
Since I did a up-cycled dress for KCW I had my stash of old shirts out. I have been meaning to make something with this one since it hit the pile but it just kept getting pushed aside for other more pressing or inspiring projects.
I widened and lengthened the skirt a bit to maximize the shirt and give the dress some longevity for Hannah. The girl is growing like a weed.
I kept the sleeves short this time, one, because I didn't have the fabric and two, I am getting Hannah's wordrob warm weather ready.

I have thought about grading the pattern to a larger size when I have time (when ever that will be). I may just need to find a new favorite pattern.
I have several projects in the works and may not get anything else posted this week. I hope to share with you next week what I am working on.

Thanks for stopping by the nest!