Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KCWC - Day 1 - Pillowcase Dress

Had a bit of a rough start to KCW, both of my kids managed to get sick on Sunday and where still recovering on day 1 so Mommy duty took priority. I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished once my husband came home. Thank God for good men.

I have to confess, this is one of three that I made and have been working on for a couple weeks. I did however finish this dress on day 1 so in my mind it kinda counts which under the circumstances it was a feat. I am making them for a family member so her size 7, size 4 & size 18 month daughters can wear them for a family portrait. This is the smallest of the three. 

I have made this pillowcase dress before here. I really like this tutorial by The Mother Huddle. I opted this time to do an elastic with straps instead of the big bow and sash. I recommended against the sash since was a bit of a pain to maintain and not very practical for little ones. The elastic with straps is much more manageable and makes it easier for the kids to dress themselves.

I didn't exactly follow The Mother Huddles tutorial for this neckline. When making the larger dresses The method that was used left a portion of the neckline un-gathered and it bothered me. So I connected the bias tape straps to the elastic   and tacked the straps to the openings so the elastic part doesn't end up peaking out while the girls are wearing them. 

I love all of the detail work on this dress. Now that I have made this dress in 4 different sizes the only thing I found is that it runs a bit large width wise otherwise this is a great tutorial. 

I am really pleased with how these dresses turned out and can't wait to see how the portrait turns out. 

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