Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yet Another Pillowcase Dress

I know you all have seen a pillowcase dress before. And those who follow the handmade kids clothing have seen hundreds of versions of these. I know I have. Funny thing is I have never made one before and really had no interest in making one. I have been trying to challenge myself to expand my skills and I guess I never thought of a pillowcase dress would do that. 

Recently, I have been asked to make three pillowcase dresses so I have had to really examine the construction and ways to add detail to an otherwise plain dress.  Through this I have stumbled upon the guru of super cute pillowcase dresses (at lease I think she is). Destri of The Mother Huddle has perfected the pillowcase dress. Good construction with perfect detail. Not too over the top and just enough "wow, that's cute!"

Since I was not about to make a dress for someone else before trying it out I, of course, had to make one for Hannah. Not only do I love how it turned out but, I really enjoyed making it. I wouldn't say that it was overly challenging but it has just enough detail to make the processes interesting.

I love that Destri provides so many different detail options for this otherwise simple dress style; lined with a peek-a-boo hem, two methods for making a big bow sash, elastic no tie and front/back tie. Not to mention the fact that she provides size/cutting guide for sizes 3-6 months to 7/8. 

Hannah is wearing between an 18m & 2T so I went ahead and made hers a 2T with the front or back tie and a big bow sash.

The sash is a little too long for a 2T and I kinda wish I had  used the multi color paisley fabric instead for a little more pop. Even if I redo the sash I know I can find a dress to make to match this one.

The top stitching that outlines each fabric panel gives it that special touch, don't you think? 

Not to discount the awesomeness of this pillowcase dress. There is one thing I will try to do differently in the construction. I don't love that the side seams are finished after the bottom hem which is the band of folded fabric.  Not that this does not work and I can see why it was done this way. I just think that sewing the hem last looks more professional. When making clothes for others this is how I would like it to look. I am going to attempt to finish the body of the dresses side seams before adding the band. Wish me luck.

I highly recommend Destri's pillowcase dress tutorials offered on The Mother Huddle. Even if you are not a sewer but an admirer you must go checkout how pretty hers are.

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