Thursday, May 16, 2013

A New Look

I know, I know, its enormous! You can't help but see it. It's all still a work in progress. I am impatient and know if I don't do something it will never get done. My new motto as a mom "Better done imperfect then not done at all."

I have been working on coming up with the Little Quail design for the blog and clothing labels for weeks now. After bouncing idea's off of others and doing a lot of doodling I think I have finally come up with a good starting point. This may not be the final but I felt like it was good enough to at least post it for now. I was getting really tired of  just text. 

Here is the over all design:

The Label:

I already have the label image at Spoonflower (a fabric printer) so I can make my labels. I am following the do it yourself method recommended by See Kate Sew. I will post all about it when my fabric comes in.

For the blog header I had to chop up the over all design a bit in photoshop to get to be a little more reasonable. Took me forever just to get it to this point now I will need to lean on my husband to do the techno thing to make it fit right. 

I have had some brilliant idea's given to me by a good friend on how to take this a little further. Incorporating a little more detail that reflects the sewing aspect of what I do. That however is going to take some time. For now I hope you all enjoy my temporary drawling until something more permanent can be finished. 

Thanks for stopping by the nest!