Sunday, June 2, 2013

Black Bird Tunic

I am a big admirer of all the little girl patterns by Shwin & Shwin. The first encounter I had with Shwin & Shwin was when I had seen their Black Bird Tunic. It was this tunic that made me say "I have got to get off my butt and make cute clothes for Hannah." Every time I looked for fabric to make this sweet little top it was never good enough. Normally, I prefer to put my spin on patterns when I make them however I was coming up short when trying that with this one. When I came across a blue stripe that is so similar to what Shauna had used I knew needed to use it for the Black Bird. What do they say? "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I truly hope it is taken that way.  

The tutorial included making your own piping however I chose not to do that since I had never sewn with piping let alone try to make my own. I figured my first experience I should use store bought. I used a sewing machine foot I had never used before and I was surprised how easy it was to sew with piping. Next time I think I will give making my own a whirl. 

I love the look of big buttons however big buttons equals big button holes which I don't love. Especially when they peak out from behind a button that has slid out of place. Next time I do a big button I am going to use a hidden snap. Plus, snaps are easier when wrestling with a child while getting them dressed. If you don't understand what I mean about hidden snaps I will show in a future post. 

I couldn't resist duplicating the yellow pocket. Sure I could have picked another color. Red would have been good, its classic, but makes me think 4th of July and I wanted something that looked more every day. I think yellow and blue are perfect together so I went with it. Plus, like the yellow button, I already had some in my stash.

Oh Hannah, so silly.

I recommend the black bird tutorial and pattern. I really enjoyed making it and love how it turned out. Big bonus the pattern is free however only in a 2T size. For you skilled folk I am sure you would have no problem scaling it to the size you need. 

Shwin & Shwin had a pattern sale not to long ago and I bought a handful of their patterns that I plan on making for Hannah's fall and winter wardrobe. When I do I will post them for you to see. 

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