Friday, July 5, 2013

Kids Clothing Week Challenge - Summer 2013

I am jumping from Shorts-on-the-Line to the Summer Kids Clothes Week. Not a huge stretch from making shorts to making summer clothes.

I was a little hesitant this time around. I have a ton of clothes to make for Hannah for fall and winter and neither of my kids really need any summer clothes. I talked myself into it by reminding myself that she will need clothes for next summer and I also have clothes I need to make for other people that are for this summer. Who said they needed to be for my kids. I am also, going to pace myself. I am still going to try and complete one item each day however I am going to keep the items simple. That should be easy for summer clothes.

Now that I have committed I am actually excited. I felt really good about what I did this past spring and I loved feeling like I was working along side a community of awesome sewers. 

Motivation has found me, I need to go get my projects organized.

Come back and check out what I completed. Thanks for stopping by the nest.