Friday, July 19, 2013

KCWC - Day 4 - Comfy Knit Dress

This week must seem very redundant. I have used the same fabric and patterns over and over again. I am sorry for that. This summer has been particularly busy for me therefore I am sticking with familiar things for now. I do promise some different stuff this weekend. 

Aren't you proud of me I am using a different fabric than I did the past three day's, whoo hoo! I have made the comfy knit dress by LBG Studios before here. When I made this dress the first time I followed the instructions for a 2 tier dress which does not have pockets. This time I did the 1 tier with pockets. Neither version is overly challenging and take about the same amount of time to do. 

So technically this is different fabric then I have used before. It is the same maker and poka-dot as the 2 tier version I made during spring KCW however it is blue and not pink. What can I say, I am not much of a risk taker. Oh geez, I used the same buttons too! sigh... 

I did stretch myself a little bit. This was the first time I have made pockets in the side seam. I also deviated a little from the pattern instructions and followed this method for hemming knits instead which I found through pinterest on the Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls blog.  

This is the first time I have done this kind of hem and I have to say this method is awesome! I can't see hemming knits any other way now. 

My husband and I agree that this version is not as cute or twirly as the 2 tier but I don't think you can ever have enough knit for kids (or grown-up). I know this dress will get lot of use. I am thinking this would be good with a long sleeve underneath for the colder months.

If you are a sewer and have 2t/3t kid to sew for this pattern is a must. It is available free in the one size on the LBG Studio's website. I think this is a good first time knit project since it only has the one hem (which is the tricky part with knits). So don't let the fabric type hold you back.

Thanks for stopping by the nest!