Saturday, July 20, 2013

KCWC - Day 5 - Summer Flutter Top

Day 5 took a little long than expected. I managed to get everything done on time but this post. Well here it is....

I bought this pattern back in the spring on a whim. I love the square neckline with the full gathered body. It is the Summer Set Flutter Top/Dress and Bloomers pattern by Aesthetic Nest. I only did the top for this pattern. I'll get to the bloomers another time. The top is not very impressive from the front on a hanger.

But isn't the back darling? (just wait till you see it on her below) I really love the buttons. They're nothing special, basic cheap plastic but the blue pops. If you couldn't tell by now I kinda have a thing for blue, especially on Hannah. 

I had been hanging on to this fabric waiting for the perfect application for it. I have to say this is perfect. 

The back is completely open and just held together at the top with the buttons. Well actually they are snaps. I had mentioned in a prior post that I love big buttons but hate the big button hole that ends up peaking out. My solution is to install hidden snaps behind where the button is to be seen. As I show below in the photos.  
It takes a little longer to sew in the snaps but it is worth it in my opinion. I usually have to pin my kids down to dress them and it is so much easier with snaps rather then buttons. 

I don't have time to do a proper pattern review right now but I plan on doing one in the future when I make the dress version in velvet this fall.

Thanks for stopping by the nest!