Friday, July 12, 2013

Its all in the preparation

This week I am working on preparation for the kids clothing week that starts next week. I have a couple projects I am trying to wrap up. Then there is all the organizing of my projects I want to complete next week. Even more important I am preparing my house (and family). Kids clothes week is a week of neglected house work and meals (bliss!). I make it sound unproductive but in fact it is extremely productive. This week is a great opportunity to network with other sewers, I learn so much since I don't allow myself to give up on a challenging project and in the end I have really cute and sometimes practical clothes for my kids. My kids are currently enjoying many of the items I made in the spring kcw. They are are holding up really well to regular washing and whatever my kids dole out.

I was just talking about this with a friend last night. I find that handmade clothes are generally better clothes.
  • First, which is probably obvious, they fit better since they are tailored to the wearer. 
  • The fabric is better then most ready-to-wear clothes. Sure you can buy really poor quality fabric but I find most fabric that you see around is pretty decent, even the inexpensive stuff. 
  • Handmade clothes holdup better since the sewer is not producing mass quantities and can spend more time and care on producing a good product. I couldn't tell you how many time I have bought clothes that fall apart after one washing (thank goodness I sew). 
Like all crafting I enjoy admiring my handy work and even more I enjoy the process of making things with my hands. Whats even better about sewing is it has a practical application. We all need clothes don't we? What money I would spend on clothing I spend on supplies and what time I would spend at the mall I spend at my sewing machine. All of this makes me feel good about investing my time in sewing.

I am so excited for kids clothing week I have finished deciding what I am going to make next week. Here is my project list:
  1. pillowcase dress (using The Mother Huddle tutorial)
  2. 1 pair of gathered pocket shorts
  3. 1 pair of bubble pocket shorts (pattern by e&e)
  4. a skirt (pattern undetermined, I may just wing it.)
  5. a cross over pinafore (draft your own pattern, I am going to use this tutorial from Dee Construction )
  6. flutter top (without the flutter by Aesthetic Nest)
  7. Comfy Knit Dress (1 tier with pocket version by ibg studios)
And here is my fabric and patterns all ready to go....

As you may have noticed no Sammy this time. My son is not currently in need of anything. This boy has hit the hand-me-down jackpot and now has more clothes then me. On one hand I am tremendously grateful and on the other I am a bit sad, I have really enjoyed making things for him. Maybe after kids clothing week I will have to make him a non-clothing item. I would love to hear of some good ideas on what to make. Leave me a comment with suggestions on non-clothing sewing projects for 3 1/2 year old boys.

My next post will be for first completed KCW project. Come back and check it out.

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