Friday, April 17, 2015

Up-cycled Popover Sundress

For a warm up to KCW next week I thought I'd share a few of items I have completed over the past month for Hannah's warm weather wardrobe. This is another variation that I did with Oliver+S Popover Sundress using an up-cycled mens shirt again. I just didn't love the version that I made here. It was just a bit boxy for me. I really wanted this pattern to work so I made minor alterations and am much happier. 
I really didn't do much. I widened the overall dress pattern (not the top yoke) about 4" and ran a gathering stitches on either side of the button placket and all the way across the back. Gathered to fit the yoke and thats it. 
There is something very sweet about ties on the shoulders. It took me forever to get them perfectly even though (dressing a fidgety child is no fun) so I am going to stitch these in place and with the extra width its easy to pull over her head. Over all I like this one much better and Hannah likes how it's more flowy. 

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