Sunday, April 19, 2015


So you know those rompers you see everywhere? They are so easy to make without a special pattern. And so much cheaper to make with an old XL men's t-shirt. All you need is a trusted shorts pattern. You could marry a top or dress pattern you like with the shorts like I've seen done here and here. In this case all I did was make three tubes. Two small ones for the straps and one big one for the body of the top. I also added a strip of fabric from another t-shirt for the ruffle at the top.

ikat romper

As I was shopping on on the Children's Place website and came across this romper that is pretty close to what I came up with. Theirs cost $19.95; mine cost $3.00.  
For the shorts I used the pattern Simplicity 5382 Girls sleepwear. I really like this pattern for PJ's and everyday play clothes. There is one pattern piece and only two cuts. So easy!  I took advantage of the existing hem from the bottom if the men's shirt. I position the single pattern piece centered over the shirts side seam so the seam is on the outside leg of the shorts. 
 I love how easy and breezy rompers are, however I'm a little concerned about potty time. This may not be a first choice if you're potty training like me. Oh well, it's still cute! I debated doing a tutorial for this but for the sake of time I didn't. If you would like me to do one leave me a comment.

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