Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sailboat Invitation

My baby Noah is turning one next month. It just doesn't seem possible. He has turned into quit the little man and his little personality is exploding. He even does stuff just to make us laugh. To celebrate this little life I am putting together a sailboat themed birthday party for him. This has given me another excuse to pull out the scrapbook supplies.

For invitations I always use a 8" x 6" no fold card. Over the years I have accumulated a ton of envelopes leftover from photo cards that fits this size perfectly.

I used basic solid card stock for all layers. The base is a natural paper grain, navy blue for the layer base, deep red for the boat, pale blue for the water, white for the sail and portholes and bright yellow for the boat strip.

For the invitation text I printed on standard white printer paper and over laid it on the white sail. This worked out but aesthetically I could have done better. I should have just printed on 8.5" x 11" white card stock and then cut out the sail. Oh well, live and learn. 

All but the water was cut using the free Cricut Font and Basic Shapes. The water is on the When I Was a Kid cartridge (on the frame tab, called comb).

I am sharing my craft room file which can be found below. The craft room cut file is setup for 10 invitations. The base that was cut on the natural paper grain was cut by hand and is 8"x6". Same with the invitation text, that was cut to fit the sail. Everything else is on the Cricut. I have no idea if this file works in the Cricut explorer design studio. If it does could someone leave me a comment to let me know. I tried looking it up but didn't find anything.

Cricut Craft room File Link
The base cuts two at a time so that will need to cut 5 times to get the 10 count.
The sail cuts 6 at a time so that needs to be cut twice and you will have a couple left over.

I take the term "scrap"book pretty seriously. I have a hard time parting with paper and fabric that is leftover from a project especially when I know I can do something else pretty cool with them. I am always trying to maximize what I have. I have even gotten pretty good at it. For this project I challenged myself to come up with creative ways to eliminate as much waste as possible. The way I designed the craft room cuts the left overs will look like what I have pictured below.
DON'T THROW THESE AWAY! and do your best to be careful when you remove them from your mat. I have plans for these scraps and will show you have I have used them in a future post. As you can see with the natural paper I already assembled the 1/2" wide remnants a lattice piece that I thought might be cute on an apple picking scrapbook page.

A lot of times I find that I like the negative more than what I was actually cutting out. Its fun to challenge myself to use them. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

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