Friday, June 19, 2015

Spring 2015 KCW - Stitch Wear Play Sun Top and Shorts

The Suntop and Shorts from Stitch Wear Play totally redeemed my sewing experience with this book. I love this little outfit! Better yet so does Hannah which is a surprise since she loves her dresses. The top pattern is not to far off from the Oliver+S Popover dress. Add a little gathering to the neck, shorten it to shirt length and add a ruffle to the bottom and you have the popover.
The shorts on the other hand have a unique shape to them and I quite like it. Its most noticeable in the top picture. They have a slight scoop to the back of the leg which make for a really nice fit.  
The fabric is a hot pink plaid puckered woven cotton. I picked this one up at my small local Walmart a couple years ago with this kind of outfit in mind and it worked out perfectly. It frays something horrible so I just surged each of the pieces prior to assembling and that solved the problem.
I know technically it not Summer just yet but it has been unseasonable cold and very wet so this hasn't gotten much use yet. I hope it warms up soon.
This turned out a little bigger than I expected so even if this doesn't get much use this summer I'm pretty sure this will still fit her next year.

I still have one more post for Spring KCW and then I can get focused on next weeks Summer KCW. 

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