Friday, March 27, 2015

Lenten Sewing: Bible Study Bag

OK so I am cheating this week. I had hopes of creating a new bible study bag this week however a couple of my kids were sick and could not dedicate the time I would've liked. So this week I am going to share they bible study bag I made for my cousin a couple years ago. I used the tutorial for the  Market Tote by Bijou Lovely
My cousin was nice enough to have me over and watch my kiddos so I could take a few pictures of the 2+ year old bag. As you can see the bag has love wrinkles and has held up very well. 
I have made several of these bags and they have always turned out great. I change the dimensions up sometimes but the basics remain the same. The tutorial is easy to follow and good beginner project for someone to practice their top stitching. 

All of the fabric is from JoAnn's. I purchased them when I made the bag and I did a horrible job keeping track of the names & makers. I love the bright happy yellow fabric with the daisy's. Sadly, I can't find it anymore. I used the last of it when I made the rosary pouches (that one of course was for my cousin :). 

The other project that ate up a good deal of time and energy this past week was my Bible Cover. This has been a project I have started and stopped several times. I want the bible cover to be perfect. I drafted the pattern last year and have been trying to perfect it ever since. Its one of those that you just have to walk away from and come back to with fresh eyes.

Here is a sneak peak of the bible cover in progress:
(This one is for the cousin too. If I can ever get it done she will have a matching bag, bible cover and rosary pouch)

 I doubt I will have this one completed prior to Easter as I hoped. Hannah's Easter dress needs to take priority at this point since the big day is just a week away. I'll keep you updated on the Bible Cover progress and completion.

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