Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Double Pocket Rosary Pouch Tutorial and Pattern

I've made a few more of the double pocket rosary pouches this past week and I have made a revision to my original tutorial. Since I have been using the original and found that the way I bound the two pockets together on the sides not only doesn't look all that great but it doesn't allow much room for the two pockets. The revision takes longer but the results are much better I think.
So the changes I made are to step 9 of the original tutorial & pattern which were posted here. Instead of running these through the sewing machine I hand stitch down the side of each pocket separately. 
I know, four area's of hand stitching. I think it is more that I am impatient than lazy that makes me groan when I think hand stitching (Patients - one of the many virtues that I need to work on this Lent.) But, as you can see in these pictures, this give both of the pocket more room to breathe. It may take more time to complete but the results are much better.
I haven't checked yet but I had the thought the other day that maybe some of my prayer cards could be slid between the two pockets. Hmmm.... a future project maybe? Oh, so many idea's so little time.
One of my friends asked if I planned on selling these. I didn't originally but I think I may. She made a good point that first communions and confirmations are just around the corner and the single pocket pouch would make a nice little gift. So I have put together some coordinating fabrics for girl version but I am struggling with boy ones. I know the cross and fish fabric would work for boys & girls but maybe light denim and camo would work for a little variety. I'll have to get some boy's opinions on this one. Maybe I will have something to show you in a week.

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