Friday, January 30, 2015

Holiday Dresses

So here I am taking about the holiday dresses when it is almost February. Shameful I know but I just won't feel caught up unless I get these posted.

I originally posted about Hannah's Thanksgiving dress here but didn't have the pictures of her in it at the the time. Seems I am very behind in all things again. Sometime in this life time I hope to be more timely. I've been told once my kiddo's are in full time school I'll be able to reclaim some time. I sure hope they are right.
Over the holiday's I was discussing with a friend how difficult it is to find long sleeve dresses for the holiday's. Seems like an odd thing to me that there aren't more. Because of this I gravitate to the sweater dresses (that are surprisingly short sleeve too)  that can be layered. I'm a crazy Mom who thinks her daughter should be warm during winter even if it's a special occasion.
I would have loved to make a more formal dress with long sleeves but it just wasn't in the cards between the typical holiday bluster, sicknesses and completing orders for others. Maybe next year I can plan better
At the last minute I put together more yo yo's (something nice to do while relaxing on the couch in the evenings) and attached them to some FOE (fold over elastic) I had on hand for a matching headband. I have to say the FOE is perfect for headbands, it is soft and has a nice gentle give. Hannah calls it her princess crown.

I realized when I went to put together a quick Christmas dress for Hannah that I have never made a tiered dress for her. I've made gobs of  tiered dresses for others and a few circle skirt dresses for Hannah but never a tiered one. 
I thought it was time to give her one. I have been hording Christmas fabrics over the years only buying the ones I really like (which there is usually only one of each year). I hope to quilt together some for stockings and tree skirt some day but this year I felt that this dress was worthy of depleting some of my stock. 
In the end I really wasn't disappointed not the having the shiny satin or velvet dress this year. Hannah loved it in all it's simplicity and I loved that she could wear it all Christmas Day comfortably. 
By the end of Christmas day it was well worn, covered in chocolate and what ever else she got in to that day. I tossed it in the washer with all the other clothes, no added steps and it came out like new. I did make her a matching yo yo headband to go with this dress too. It however, didn't fair as well. Her brother was using it like a rubber band to get a rise out of her (successfully) and one of the yo yo came undone.  Ah, sibling love : )
Oh I forgot to mentioned, the middle layer is sparkly. That made it all the more princess-y in her eyes.

It's a bit late but I hope you all had a blessed Christmas!

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