Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter 2014 Kids Clothing Week

I have been pretty focused this past week on completing the few sewing items I allowed myself to indulge in. Granted they were necessary it still felt like an indulgence. It was a reminder why I spent the last few months yearning to sew. When I had the last doctors appointment that told me I was free and clear to carry on normally I knew I was going to get to participate in Kids Clothing Week. I also knew I was going to need to keep it simple and not over do it, regardless I was excited. 

With Easter and my due date pretty much on top of each other I decided that Hannah's Easter dress had to take priority. I had been wanting to make this dress since last spring and was sad at thoughts that I would have to settle on a nothing special store bought dress. Happily that all changed with the good report from the doctor. 

Being afforded the opportunity I decided to take it to the limit. No corner cutting here (in work and effort not cost). It's fully lined (skirt and all) with covered buttons, eyelet trim, a big sash and a separate petticoat. After all I missed out on making her Christmas dress why not go big for Easter. 

(excuse the pictures - we had very poor natural light today)

I found two separate pieces of the aqua fabric in a remnants bin at Walmart last spring and have no idea what type of fabric it is. It has the feel of a really light cotton gauze. The color looks amazing with her eyes and skin color. It, by it self, is way too thin and the textured design of the fabric causes it to be pretty transparent so I paired it with a white muslin I have had in my stash for years. The covered buttons came from the stash too. The dress pattern is the free Party Dress pattern by The Cottage Mama and I used the petticoat tutorial by Sew Fearless. The only special purchases I had to make where on the dress's white eyelet trim and the petticoat's white tulle and nylon lining fabric, all from Hobby Lobby. All said and done, I have to double check receipts from last year to be 100% sure but, I think I spent less then $10 on the dress and petticoat. (Lord knows I will probably spend more on the shoes)

Doesn't this dress scream vintage? I love it! I would have loved to get pictures of Hannah in her dress but it wasn't in the cards. If we have a good day for pictures this week I will try and get them posted as soon as possible.

I love that the petticoat is separate one for cleaning, two for versatility and three I don't need to sew with tulle again till she grows out of it. If I am lucky this will still fit for Christmas this year. I have a new found respect for those that make veils. Tulle is challenging to work with. I didn't intend for the seam between the tank and the skirt to be on the outside (as outside as an under garment can be) but in hindsight I think it was a happy accident. This way it will not rub against Hannah's very sensitive skin. The sash of the dress should hide any excess bulk caused by the seam.

After I completed my big project for the week I still had time to complete one more item. I decided on a long sleeve t-shirt dress. 

I picked up the heart pattern jersey knit a couple weeks ago at JoAnn Fabric. Usually, I can never find patterned knit fabrics at JoAnn's that I like so I was really surprised when I came across this one. I could not pass it up. Aren't the hearts perfect for Valentines? I used the Flashback Tee pattern by Made by Rae with some of her recommended alterations to make it into a dress and for the puff sleeves.  

I purchased the teal chevron FOE (fold over elastic) from Banberry Place months ago for no particular reason other than just loving it. This was my first time using FOE and just like all knit neck bindings it has a bit of a learning curve. This was my last step on an otherwise quick and smooth assembly.  I had to rip it out twice before getting it to an acceptable state. Even though it is still not perfect I feel comfortable using FOE on knit again. I think it is just going to take some practice. 

I am so happy I was able to complete Hannah's Easter dress as well as an everyday dress, now I can get focused on baby preparations and know I am ahead of the game.

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