Thursday, January 2, 2014

Blessings of 2013

When I reflect on my blessing of 2013 I am overwhelmed by how much God has done for me and my family.  

I am going to jump forward to the present for a moment and share with you our current blessing or rather miracle. As I reported in my last post, I should be bed rested right now due to my pregnancy issues however I am not currently bed ridden. Beyond all physical reason my incompetent cervix has yet to behave incompetently. Everyone in my life including my doctor know that this can only be due to a miracle provided by God. We always had hope but you never really know if your will is aligned with Gods. We are not out the wood yet however this is cause to continue to be hopeful that our prayers are being answered. Even if we are given only this short reprieve I am grateful and will joyfully accept what ever He wills for us after.

Such a blessing that I was able to spend Christmas day out of bed with my family.
Leading up to today I have been reminded that I have many wonderful friends and family I have. When we found out I was pregnant I was concerned how we would manage bed rest  for a third time. Just as my friend and family happily sacrifice to help my family in the past they all have been waiting to come to our aid again. 

Of course I can not overlook the blessing of our new little baby boy which we can not wait to snuggle in the coming year. (Did you Catch that? It's a BOY!) He is quite the blessing in many ways. The biggest blessing is the reminder that following Gods will is far more wonderful than anything I could do for myself. 

I think the kiddos where pretty happy about it too!
My husband is always a blessing but this year he has been very supportive of me discovering a career path that has no certainty of being profitable and definitely no immediate profitability. He has contributed his time and skills when needed and managing the household when I am tied up with a project.  

This year has reminded me of things I need to be thankful for from the past. Largely the time my Mother spent with me as a child teaching me to sew and encouraging me to craft in general. Since my Mom died in 2002 I haven't done much sewing or crafting but since I begun sewing again I feel very close to her. 

Over a year ago a began praying about a means to help support our growing family in a way that allows me to be there for my family and is enjoyable. I truly feel God has been guiding me in direction of using the sewing and crafting skills he has given me.  I don't think I have it all figured out but I am following the trail of bread crumbs being left by God. With time, patients and prayer I feel confident that I will be as successful as I need to be. As of today I am satisfied to just be on a path.

I am not going to make any resolutions for next year. My life it s a bit in limbo at the moment and I want to spare myself the frustration of failure. I do plan on participating in a few sewing challenges and have started a list of projects I would like to complete however am trying to stay realistic of my current situation and somethings may just not happen. In my next post I will share with you all that I hope to complete in the next year.

I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season and New Year!