Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lenten Sewing - Single Pocket Rosary Pouch

I have been making these rosary pouches by the dozen I thought I might share how to make one too. I really like the double pocket pouch but I know many people typically own just the traditional rosary. So I have dedicated more of my time to the single pocket pouch. I have also added a little clasp to the pouch so it can be attached to a bible cover, a study bag or anything else you would like. But if you don't want a clasp you can just skip that part.

Rosary Pouch (Single Pocket)

Cutting Tool (Scissors or Rotary Cutter with Mat)
Iron (and ironing surface)
Straight Pins
Fabric Pen (I like to use the FriXion Pen by Pilot. It disappears with heat.)
Sewing Machine
Handle Needle

Less than 1/4 of a yard of fabric (two that coordinate is always fun)
Less than 1/4 of a yard of fusible fleece (I used Pellon 987F)
Coordinating Thread (all purposes 100% polyester works well for this)
1 Swivel Clasp - 1 3/8"x1/2" (The ones I use can be found here)
1" of Elastic cord
1 Snap Fastener (I used the Dritz Pearl found here)
(I use hair ties for the elastic cord. They come in so many fun colors)
1. Cut fabric and fleece. 
2. Fuse fleece to the the wrong side of the main fabric according to the manufacturers instructions.
3. Round the corners to one end of that will be used as the pouch flap. (shown below - I used a shot glass to determine the roundness of the corners)
4. Thread the elastic cord through the swivel clasp and pin it in place 2 1 /2" down from the flap end of the main fabric (the rounded end - like shown below)
5. With a handle needle and thread baste stitch the cord in place about 1/8" from the edge. (I did mine with hot pink thread, shown below)
6. With main fabric and lining fronts facing each other, sew around the edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave an opening large enough to turn it right side out. About 2".
7. Trim the two square corners and turn right side out. 
8. Press with the the iron. Take care to make sure that the opening is turned to the inside and looks even with the rest of the pouch.
9. Top stitch all the way around about 1/8 from the edge. This should close the opening used for turning.
10. Fold the squared edge up 3" so the lining is facing itself. Pin in place.
11. Hand stitch up both sides to create the pocket. I follow the top stitching on both sides and this keeps things looking nice and neat. This can be done on the sewing machine however I have found it difficult to be sure that both sides follow the top stitch line and doesn't look as neat.
All Done!
Now find the perfect bag to clip it too! I made this one to add to my Adoration Bag found here.
These are really simple to make and are a great gift. I have found that I can get 10 pouches out of 2 coordinating fat quarters and one package of snaps. That's the perfect amount for your bible study or an RCIA group.

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